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Common Questions

Q1: What is the different between Integrated and Hosted Packages ?

With a Integrated Package you can keep your existing website and with a small piece of code we can display uploaded stock through any page of your choice.

Q2: What is the difference between Hosted and Custom Packages ?

The custom package is for specialist dealers or 3rd party developers who wish to request a custom design or feature that is not available as standard.

Q3: How many vehicles can I upload ?

There are no stock restrictions to the volume of vehicles that can be advertised.

Q4: How long does it take to add a vehicle to my stocklist ?

The average time for adding a vehicle is just a couple of minutes , for Chrome or Firefox users images are resized before they are uploaded saving additional time.

Q5: When will my account be active ?

For Integrated and Hosted packages we will aim to have your account online within 48 hours. For custom development we will confirm a go-live date.

Q6: What additional information do i need to provide on my application ?

Please tell us about the following

  • Do you have a domain name ?
  • Do you have company branding ?
  • Do you offer vehicle finance ?
  • Do you offer part exchanges ?
  • Do you require custom pages ?
  • Do you use social media ?

You can also email your requirements to us after your application has been submitted.

Q7: What are the payment options ?

We accept bank transfers , paypal or cheque if necessary.

I have a question ?

Please contact us with any questions before you submitting your application.

Thank you.

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